⚠️How To Grow On Any Social Media Platform ⚠️

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Social media provides a platform where you can share your knowledge and gain credibility in your chosen field(s) or specialism(s). Within an online community, you can also acquire information and insights from others who have already been where you are now or have completed similar researc

1.Use the right hashtags✅

Your goal on social media is to engage your current audience on a regular basis while also growing your number of real followers. Posting new, interesting, and engaging photos will satisfy the first requirement, but to begin growing you’ll find hashtagging your photos extremely important. Hashtagging makes it easy for people searching for specific terms to find your photos.

So which hashtags should you use? Just like with Twitter and other social sites, users on Instagram choose certain hashtags over others. If you use popular Instagram hashtags within your photos, you’re much more likely to reach new users and be discovered.

At the time of writing, these were the top 20 hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube??





















2. Use the right filters

Keyword hashtags aren’t the only thing you should pay attention to. Every community responds to certain photo filters more favorably than others. Using these preferred filters can have an impact on your engagement.

Here are the current 10 most popular filters on Instagram, according to Iconosquare:

Normal (No Filter)







X-Pro II



3.Steal your competitors’ followers/friends.

One of the best ways to find and attract a new following is by seeking out your closest competitors’ Instagram accounts and engaging with their audiences. These people have already shown some level of interest in the products you carry simply by following your competitors.

So how do you effectively steal your competitors’ followers? By engaging with them. There are several ways to engage with social media platforms users, and the more work you put in, the more followers and friends, and repeat engagement you’ll get out of it.

The three types of engagement on common social media platforms are:

Follow, add a user as a friend

Like a photo

Comment on a photo


4. Organize Your Stories Into Highlights

Whenever a potential follower lands on your business profile, you have a short span of time to convince them to follow you.

One way to do this is by using the Highlights feature on your profile to organize your Stories in a way that communicates what your account is about.

Since Stories have a 24-hour lifespan, Highlights can be used to give them a second life and entice others to follow you so they don’t miss out on more Stories in the future.

5. Post user-generated content✅

User-generated content (UGC) is any type of content—such as videos, photos, reviews, audio, and more—that you curate from fans or followers. It’s an essential tool in your marketing arsenal for gaining followers on Instagram. UGC helps humanize your brand by featuring real people, with real stories, that shows your product in real life and builds a more trusting relationship with potential customers.??

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